About ITLS Saskatchewan

Goals of ITLS in Saskatchewan

1.  The primary goal of ITLS in Saskatchewan is to provide quality trauma life support training for Emergency Health Care Providers in the province of Saskatchewan.

2.  To promote Trauma Life Support training throughout the province though delivery of the following courses:

1)  ITLS Provider – Basic and Advanced
2)  ITLS Access
3)  ITLS Refresher
4)  ITLS Instructor Training

3.  To maintain the standards, guidelines and quality assurance as set by ITLS International.

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ITLS Saskatchewan Advisory Committee

  1. Terry Hastings - Chairperson (term expires 2017)
  2. Danny Weselowski - Vice-Chaiperson (term expires 2019)
  3. Angela Sereda - Secretary-Treasurer (term expires 2017)
  4. Darcy McKay - Member at Large (term expires 2019)
  5. Jan Hiebert - Chair Education Committee (term expires 2019)
  6. Merv Tippe - Registrar