Advanced Provider Course

The ITLS Advanced Provider Course is for advanced level providers only. Lecture content is the same as the ITLS Basic. Information on advanced level patient care is required lecture material and will be included in the written exam.  The Advanced Airway and IV/Chest Decompression skills stations will be included in the type of course.  When deciding if you should take a basic course or advanced course ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I require an advanced course for licensure with my professional legislative body?
  • Do I have the ability to use some or all of the skills in clinical practice without supervision?
  • This is not an ATLS course required by some physicians and does not qualify for reciprocity.

This course designed for allied health care professionals, focuses on the early recognition and treatment of critical trauma situations. It incorporates practical sessions in patient immobilization and transport, and then progresses to in-hospital care techniques including incubation, intraosseous insertions, and chest decompression. This course combines short lectures and practice sessions.

Instructors are health care practitioners in emergency or critical care medicine.

There are no courses to take prior to your ITLS course

Although certification is provided, completion of the course does not license students to perform skills learned under certification. This is the responsibility of the students’ employer or professional licensing body.

Recertification is required every three years and is typically a one day course compared the two day format of a full course. You can not recertify if your certification is expired. If you were a basic provider you can not recertify at a higher level to gain that certification. You would need to take a new full course to gain the higher level certification.