Basic Provider Course

The ITLS Basic Provider course is for basic level providers. Lectures include: patient assessment; trauma in children; airway management; chest, head, spinal, extremity, pregnancy and abdominal trauma; burns; trauma cardiopulmonary arrest and load and go; trauma in the elderly and patients under the influence. Information on advanced level patient care is not required lecture material and is not included in the written exam. Groups such as EMT, PCP, first responders and RNs might take a basic level course. This is an excellent course to learn about great patient assesment and trauma management.

Skills Stations include: patient assessment; primary and secondary surveys; spinal immobilization; basic airway management and scenario practice. The Advanced Airway and IV/Chest Decompression skills stations are not included in this type of course.

Instructors are health care practitioners in emergency or critical care medicine.

There are no courses to take prior to your ITLS program

Although certification is provided, completion of the course does not license students to perform skills learned under certification. This is the responsibility of the students’ employer or professional licensing body.

To maintain certification you must complete a recertification class once every three years. This course is typically a one day course. You can not recertify if your certification is expired.