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March 18, 2016

All ITLS Saskatchewan Instructors must complete their 8th edition update by April 1, 2016. If you have not done so your access to the instructor site will be disabled. This will not allow you to download the 8th edition materials. Please follow this link to ITLS International for instructions on home to complete your update. LINK TO 8th Edition Update

What's new with the 8th edition:

  • Complete revision of when to apply spinal motion restriction (SMR), based on current science and published guidelines
  • Discussion of hemorrhagic shock and the role of tranexamic acid (TXA) in the management of hemorrhage, updated with latest experiences and data from recent military conflicts
  • Emphasis on capnography as the standard for positioning of the endotracheal tube as well as the best way to assess for hyperventilation or hypoventilation
  • Changes to the sequencing of the ITLS Primary Survey, ITLS Ongoing Exam, and ITLS Secondary Survey
  • Examination of the changes in trauma care response put forth by the Hartford Consensus

ITLS Education Day

March 17, 2016


Current Thinking

March 17, 2016

International Trauma Life Support prides itself on being a leader in prehospital care and education, staying up to date on best practices, industry standards, and leading-edge research. ITLS content is current, relevant, and responsive to the latest thinking in trauma management.

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Compare ITLS

March 15, 2016

ITLS is the smart choice for your trauma training because it’s:

  • Practical. ITLS trains you in a realistic, hands-on approach proven to work in the field—from scene to surgery.
  • Dynamic. ITLS content is current, relevant, and responsive to the latest thinking in trauma management.
  • Flexible. ITLS courses are taught through a strong network of chapters and training centres that customize content to reflect local needs and priorities.
  • Team centered. ITLS emphasizes a cohesive team approach that works in the real world and recognizes the importance of your role.
  • Grounded in emergency medicine. Practicing emergency physicians—medicine’s frontline responders—lead ITLS efforts to deliver stimulating content based on solid emergency medicine.
  • Challenging. ITLS course content raises the bar on performance in the field by integrating classroom knowledge with practical application of skills.

What Sets ITLS Apart from the Competition?

ITLS and PHTLS, the two most internationally recognized pre-hospital trauma training programs, have both published manuals used for training. Here’s what sets ITLS apart: